Help Turn Tragedy Into Triumph

Your donation Provides them Sanctuary

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Your donation Provides them Sanctuary

One Person Can Make a Difference

You may not think that one person can make a difference but nothing could be farther from the truth.

From the moment I learned of the horrors of the Premarin (pregnant mares' urine) industry, I was taking action to save them. The journey I have been on since buying the first pregnant Premarin mares in 2003 has culminated with a sanctuary that takes them from the worst life can offer to a life filled with compassion, security and love. The love they give back cannot be adequately expressed in words.

The evolution of Dreamchaser has shown me many things but none more important than the power of love and determination.. It is through love that my daughter Jamie, my dear friends, and generous people like you help make Dreamchaser what it is today...a true sanctuary for abused and neglected animals.

Never give up on your dreams for if you do, you will never know what is possible or the lives you can save. I look out in our fields and realize that all those beings are here because Dreamchaser 'ransomed' them to freedom. We even moved from Arizona to Missouri to give them grass, trees, and a more natural life. We chased the dream and caught it!

Know that YOU make a difference for these lives with your donations!

Susan N. Thompson, Founder

"Better to light a candle than curse the darkness"